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Nǁng (Nǀuu & ǁ’Au)

Nǁng - with its Nǀuu and ǁ’Au varieties – is the last !Ui language of the Tuu family. ǀXam, which features prominently in the motto of the coat of arms of post-apartheid South Africa, was also a !Ui language, but became extinct about 100 years ago. Nǁng will soon vanish with the death of the last speakers. As of June 2013, three Nǀuu speakers – all elderly sisters residing in Upington - and two aged women speaking the ǁ’Au variety in Olifantshoek are the five remaining speakers of Nǁng. They no longer use Nǁng in their daily lives, which they only did when they were young. Instead, they communicate in Afrikaans.


Upington, Olifantshoek