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Story of Our Logo

The drawing, titled “ǀxue as the plant n!axane”, dates back to March 1, 1880. The artist was a nineteen year old !Xun, named N!ani, most likely from the area south of the Okavango River between Rundu and Divundu, in today’s Namibia.

He stayed in Mowbray with Lucy Lloyd between September 1, 1879 and March 28, 1882.


The subject of the drawing, ǀXue, is a character who features prominently in !Xun narratives recorded by Lucy Lloyd from N!ani and a younger ǀXun called Tamme. Janette Deacon (1996:42) compares ǀXue with the Mantis in the ǀXam stories, as he can assume many forms. Lucy Lloyd, herself mentions (notebook page 9315), “ǀxue –The name of a person, said to be a Bushman, but possessed of magical powers”. In the drawing, he is shown with the plant n!axane growing out of his mouth, giving the impression of many tongues reaching out.

The CALDi logo is designed by Pippa Skotnes, UCT

Source: BC151 Bleek & Lloyd Collection. D2.26., special collections at UCT Libraries and Archives

Copyright: Permission granted by the University of Cape Town Libraries to reproduce the drawing as a logo for CALDi on CALDi publications, web site and promotional material on 10th May 2013.