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Matthias Brenzinger

Matthias Brenzinger is holding the Mellon Research Chair: African Language Diversity in the Linguistic section of the School of African & Gender Studies, Anthropology and Linguistics at the University of Cape Town since 2013. Since 2012, he is Director of CALDi – Centre for African Language Diversity, Curator of TALA – The African Language Archive.

Brenzinger has been a member of the Institute of African Studies (Institut fuer Afrikanistik) at the University of Cologne for 28 years. The main fields of his academic interest are language classification, cognitive linguistics, ethno-botany, language documentation, applied linguistics, bimodal communication and sociolinguistics.

M.A. thesis 1987 at Cologne, Germany Title: Die sprachliche und kulturelle Stellung der Mbugu (Ma’a). [On the linguistic and cultural classification of the Mbugu (Ma’a)].

Ph.D. thesis 1993 at Cologne, Germany Title: Sprachwechsel afrikanischer Minoritäten aus soziolinguistischer Sicht. [Language shift of African minorities from sociolinguistic perspectives].


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