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Sheena Shah

Sheena Shah is a postdoctoral fellow at CALDi who is working on Nǁng (N|uu and ǁ’Au), a highly endangered Tuu language spoken in Upington and Olifantshoek. Her Ph.D. thesis focused on the factors affecting proficiency among Gujarati heritage language learners in the U.K., Singapore and South Africa. She has conducted linguistic fieldwork on !Xuun (Kx’a, Namibia), ǂHoan (Kx’a, Botswana) and Ngiemboon (Bantoid, Cameroon).

Main research interests: endangered, minority and heritage languages, language documentation, language maintenance and shift, language policy, and language and education.

Ph.D. (2013) Georgetown University (U.S.A.), Linguistics
M.S. (2010) Georgetown University (U.S.A.), Linguistics
M.A. (2010) Cambridge University (U.K.), Modern and Medieval Languages
B.A. (2007) Cambridge University (U.K.), Modern and Medieval Languages